Are you ready for some Football…

Today is one of my favorite days. July 1 is always the kick off for summer. My wife and son are done school, warm weather is starting to set in and today, Canada Day, is the kick off for the Canadian football season. It’s a great time of the year to shoot football. Usually by game time, which is 7pm tonight, the light is starting to get nice, I will be surrounded by 30,000 plus people celebrating the first kick off of the year. Last year, despite having a great year, the Calgary Stampeders couldn’t finish it off and choked again in the playoffs. Hopefully we will see them in the playoffs this year. It’s not that I am a huge football fan, but I do love photographing the game. Searching for the right spot, trying to get those crushing tackles, or flying interceptions, football is a place to make some nice pictures. So in a few hours I will crank the Blackeyed Peas, start getting my gear ready for the game and tonight when I am on the sidelines, with the ball flying through the air, and the fans screaming behind me, I never forgot for a second that I have one of the greatest jobs around.

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