Leica Workshop

We had a great Leica M workshop last weekend here in Calgary. Tom Smith from Leica trucked a boat load of Leica M9 bodies with pretty much every sweet Leica lens they make. The new 35m F/1.4, the 28mm F/2, the gorgeous 50mm F/1.4, the 18, the 21mm F/1.4, insane lens. I am mean come on, if it’s Leica glass you know it’s going to be great. Leica glass just has that look, and they all have their own special “look.”

We had a great morning with our host Julien from The Camera Store hosting us in their new class room. Thanks again guys for supporting this workshop. They continually support photographic projects, shows and seminars just to support the photographic community in Calgary. The guys at The Camera Store really are great! Thanks.

After the morning we ventured out to shoot with the M bodies, every student in the class got their own Leica M9 and any lens they wanted to use. We headed over to the Calgary Stampede as it was in full force and just shot people for the next couple of hours. It was a great day, and I think a lot of students really got a taste of why street shooting with a Leica is always fun and special.

Read about some of the students reviews here.

Can’t wait to do this again.


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