Swerve, Why We Are Lucky

It’s been awhile since I have worked on a Swerve magazine story. The great little magazine that could, Swerve magazine is a weekly insert edited by the incredible Shelly Youngblut that comes out every Friday in the Herald. This past spring I contacted Shelly and we both agreed it’s been too long since I have worked on a story for them. It’s hard, when you are caught up in the day to day activities of a freelance photographer, with a full schedule to sit down and plan a longer term shoot for a feature story. So I went in a pitched Shelly a few stories, and she has this amazing ability to make you more excited about your story when you leave, than when you arrived.

So today, I, like many Calgarians, went to the mailbox, grabbed my newspaper and coffee, quickly sifted through the paper looking for the newest issue of Swerve. Not because I wanted to see the concert listings, what’s the great new restaurant, or perhaps a cool little recipe to try out this weekend, but because I had the cover story this week with portraits of animals from the Calgary Zoo entitled “How Close is Too Close”. Written by Jeremy Klaszus, “we’re warned from childhood not to get too close to the animals. What if, by zooming in on the Calgary Zoo’s most intriguing creatures, we were finally able to get too close for comfort? Would it change our perception of who is really a danger to whom?”

In the land of shrinking real-estate for journalists these days, Swerve, (verb) To veer from the straight and narrow, still takes chances on running interesting stories both by writers and photographers. If you are in Calgary check out the magazine in the paper today. This year Swerve has won a boat load of well deserved awards, both at the National Magazine awards and the Western Magazine awards, showing that there still is a place for a magazine that simply creates interesting stories. Make no mistake, it’s from the vision of one person, Youngblut. I hope the Calgary Herald realizes how lucky they are to have her at the helm. I know I am very lucky to have her in my life, thanks Shelly.

Swerve magazine, Friday, August 19, 2011 issue.






3 thoughts on “Swerve, Why We Are Lucky”

  1. “Make no mistake, it’s from the vision of one person” you say. I agree, the most interesting projects always start with someone’s vision. But than a lot of hard work is necessary to make the vision reality. In this case, I assume it is your work as a photographer and Jeremy Klaszus’s as text writer. The Calgarians are lucky to have around three special people like you, Jeremy and Shell. Congratulations.
    PS: any chance to see anything about in the net?

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