Winter is Here

For my money,  Damon Winter is pretty much the best newspaper photographer working today. The guy can shoot anything, and it always looks great, interesting, fresh and new. It’s exciting to see a new Winter story run in the New York Times, one of the reasons I read that newspaper all the time. From his portraits to his war photography and his everyday street shooting, Winter always brings us a great photojournalism. Today is no exception with his story on the iron workers working at the World Trade Center in New York. I can’t wait to get this Sunday’s edition of the Times and see his work in the magazine. But check out his slide show and video from the story here at the NY Times Lens blog.

Photo by Damon Winter, from the New York Times lens blog.

1 thought on “Winter is Here”

  1. He is incredible, no question.

    He is in very good company at the Times.

    Doug Mills might be the best daily photojournalist I’ve ever known.

    Ruth Fremson is great. Todd Heisler is right there. Tyler Hicks, wow. Chang Lee too.

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