My good friend David Campion has been a life long photographer doing things his way. Never one to sell out to the corporate world in order to pay the bills, David and his partner Sandra Shields have worked on personal projects for their entire working careers. They have produced books and photographic shows that have had critical acclaim here in Western Canada.

But David steps into a new realm with his current photography show at the Axis Art Gallery in Calgary; part of the Exposure month of photography in Calgary and Banff. His show entitled “Caught in Collection” is a look at how Native artifacts are handled in British Columbia. It’s a brilliant show, a serious show, and perhaps the strongest show of Exposure. This work really takes Campion to the next level in his photography.

I have made a point of seeing photography shows around the World. The Tate in London, the Moma in New York, CO Berlin, Centre Pompidou in Paris, and you could drop this show into any one of those galleries. In this show, Campion revels he is now a serious photographic artist. If you are in Calgary, it’s well worth while to check it out.

David Campion at the Axis Art Gallery in Calgary.

2 thoughts on “Exposure”

  1. Unfortunately I’m living too many thousand miles away from Calgary and cannot visit David’s exhibition, but a look at his website gave me an idea how a great photographer he is and how deep his project are. Among the other I was very impressed by his “grandmothers” serie. Thank you for letting me know his work.
    robert, from Italy.

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