Night Magic

Just when I really don’t pay attention to this whole digital world in photography, I do something that really opens my eyes to how different photography is now in the digital age. I still love the tactile quality of film, but shooting an assignment like I had last night would have never worked in the old film world. I am sure by now you have all heard of the massive solar flare that spouted off a few days ago, and last night was supposed to be prime viewing of the Aurora borealis, or Northern lights up here in Canada. So I set off after dark to go hunting for the elusive lights. Soon out of the bright lights of Calgary, it was clear that the night skies were not going to be so clear last night. Clouds everywhere. So much so, you could not even see the full moon that also had risen. After an hour of driving east of the city in hopes that the cloud cover would break, no luck. But on a road side bathroom break, a sliver of light started to break out from the full moon. I pulled out my Nikon D3s and 24mm F/1.4 lens and decided I’d try to take a landscape photo of the full moon. After the first exposure and a few adjustments, bazinga.

It’s really amazing how much brighter this looks like than what the human eye actually can see. With the added luck of a truck driving by and the lights from his tail lights, I decided no use in just going home, I was going to explore what else I could photograph in the dark.

The above photo was looking East, and the bottom photo was looking West.

Nikon D3s, 24mm F/1.4 lens, Exposure 30seconds @ F/4.


In the end I could see no northern lights, but ended up seeing more than I bargained for.


Rosebud, Alberta

1 thought on “Night Magic”

  1. Great photos, the thin red/white line in the first and in the last give an added value, but they are really ghreat. The light, the atmosphere, the way you framed …wow everything works great. And the aurora borealis ? Next time you’ll get it !

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