No M10, just Leica M

Well it’s almost official, looks like there will be no new M10 to replace the Leica M9, just now the M. I have always been glad Leica has gone digital and saved the company. As a working photographer who has used a Leica M6 for over 20 years, I can’t imagine a world without Leica. I still have my M6. But let’s face it, the M8 wasn’t the greatest of cameras, but not bad for a first try. The M9 was much improved, but still had a few hurdles. The M9 had a horrible screen to look at images, the screen also scratched as soon as you looked at it, battery life kinda sucked; and really anything over 640 iso, wasn’t the best. Low light, where so many of these cameras were always used was marginal. Noise quickly worked it’s way into the photo. And let’s not forget the price $7,000 for a body. Now I know why my impending dental implant is going to cost roughly the same.
But there was some good in all of that. The company was not only saved, it started to show a profit. They were very smart and kept the design of the Leica M bodies, basic, simple and functional. (Hey camera manufacturers, want to know a secret, that’s all the PROs really care about. A simple easy to use functioning camera. We do not care about the other million bells and whistles and buttons you put on it.)  The new 24 meg sensor, really we DO NOT NEED ANYTHING BIGGER, kind of worries me. Video, if you are using a Leica you really don’t care about video. I was fine with 18 Megs, just make it a great 18 Megs. If this camera has a great sensor, clean, clean images up to 1600 iso, and a battery that lasts for more than 200 images, Leica will have a winner. I am crossing my fingers, and yes I have ordered one already.

New Leica M

4 thoughts on “No M10, just Leica M”

  1. Cute camera! Will really sell well to old people like me. Just so we can relive our youth and bragg! Actually that is who they are marketing them to. Pretty hammers do not build prettier houses! I actually shot with Leicas and I see no use for them unless they incorparate an electronic overlay viewfinder with a full area focus capability. No mirror is a good idea. though I am tired of shooting film or digital and guessing what comes out due to parallax! Sync at 1/500 would make this a great wedding camera. But you sell 10x10s only so why 24 MP. I like the new full frame Nikon with a quick crop mode. Works great on almost everything. That means I can get a 600 2.8 with VR for the price and compactness of a 300. Does it have a crop mode?

  2. Sure for people used to RF it is an interesting camera. Even more for the ones who already own M lenses . The price is high and it is important to see how the M really works. And how the customer service deals with clients…By now I’ll stay with my m7 and x1…

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