2012 Year in Review

The end of any year is an obvious time for review. Reviewing your life, your work, and in the case of photographers, the photographs you have taken throughout the year. I did a close review of my work this year for a couple of reasons, one to get some photos ready to enter into the year end contests, but two, and I think more importantly, to see how I have worked this year and where I can change and perhaps produce some better work next year.


It was an interesting exercise to go through all your work. You realize how quick these years go by, and also how well you did or did not do. Sometimes we get caught in bad light, bad locations, some days it just seems that bad everything happens to you and you go home frustrated with no memorable pictures. Other days things seem to go much better. But what I took out of the exercise was there are a few ways I am going to try and change how I work, let’s chat again in a year I hope it works.


Also at this time of year you get to see a lot of the “Best Of” portfolios from newspapers and magazines around the world. You realize that there is some exceptionally great work done day in and day out. I have seen a lot of my friends put together these galleries, so here it goes. The following is not necessarily my “Best Of” for the year, but photos I really like for one reason or another.


I hope you enjoy. Good picture hunting in 2013.

Two women react as Liberal leadership candidate Trudeau makes his way for a speech at the Dashmesh Culture Senior Citizen Society in Calgary. Calgary Stampeders Paredes kicks a field goal against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats during the second half of their CFL football game in Calgary. IC Los Angeles Kings' King celebrates his goal on Phoenix Coyotes' Smith during Game 1 of the NHL Western Conference hockey finals in Glendale. The horse Tar Baby falls back onto La Valley of Bezanson, Alberta in the Bareback event during the finals at the 100th Anniversary of the Calgary Stampede Rodeo in Calgary. Milan of Cochrane, Alberta wrestles a steer in the Steer Wrestling event during the 100th Anniversary of the Calgary Stampede Rodeo in Calgary. TK20120618-1851 during the Writing On Stone rodeo near Milk River, Alberta. Sue Jaques in Calgary, Alberta, December 19, 2012. Photograph by Todd Korol CURLING/ FOOTBALL-VANIERCUP/



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