For the past while now, every time I go on a photographic trip I have been coming back home and making a set of prints. It’s a great exercise, I find it really brings life to the body of work. When I will show friends and family pictures on a computer screen, their attention span to say the least is not very long. People are now trained to want something immediately on the screen or something to change. I have noticed, we do not like to look at one thing for too long on a screen. When I show the same people prints made from a trip, they all spend much more time with them. They look at the details, the colour, or tones in a black and white. Something changes, they slow down and tune the rest of the world out for a bit, even cell phones get ignored when they look at prints. With modren printing technology it’s easy to make great prints, there are also a wide range of great papers out there. So just back from Rome and Vatican City doing an assignment on the new Pope, I have some tunes on and printing away. A good way to spend the Saturday.




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