Exploring the Light

It’s official, I am a Canon Northern Explorer of Light. Everyone in the industry is familiar with the Explorers of Light in the United States, well Canada wanted to create their own stable of Canadian photographers for the Northern Explorers of Light. There are 6 of us; John Lehman, Patrick Nichols, Jonetsu Studios, Ed O’Neil and Christopher Dodds, all from different areas of photography and making pictures with Canon gear. When I look back on my career it’s very humbling that Canon would choose me as one of their photographers. The question I always ask myself is this, if all my gear was lost one day and I could replace it with any new equipment, what would I choose. Without a doubt, it would be Canon. I started to thing about this last night as I was driving home from an assignment south of Calgary and the light just started dancing off the fields and clouds and it was one of those deep blue cloud sunsets that makes me love living in western Canada. I use the new Canon 5D Mark III cameras, my favourite digital camera of all time. Although I use the 1DX for all my sports assignments, with it’s blazing fast 12 frames a second, built like a tank, amazing auto focus speed, well you get the idea, the 1DX in one word, ROCKS! But I use the 5D III for day to day assignments when I just want to travel light. The autofocus on this camera is brilliant, it’s simply spot on every time. The camera fits perfectly into my hands, it’s weather sealed, bright full frame viewfinder, you could almost watch an HD movie on it’s back screen, I mean, Canon really hit a grand slam with this camera. But my favorite thing about this camera, which I use 90 % of the time, is the silent mode on the motor drive. For a photojournalist it’s gold. It’s whisper quiet. I shoot almost all my assignments on it, people just don’t pay attention to you. I love, love, love this camera right from when I opened up the box. In case you are wondering about the glowing review, I paid for ALL of my Canon gear in full, before I became an Explorer of Light, that’s what I really think of their cameras. Did I mention the beautiful files and the lovely video, I could go on and on. But thank you Canon for thinking of me, and thanks for making such incredible gear that allows me to take the photos I do. I shot this photo last night, this one’s for you.




Canon 5D Mark III, 16-35mm L Lens. iso 200.


1 thought on “Exploring the Light”

  1. Beautiful dynamic sky, peaceful pinto (paint?) – it brought to mind a more ominous beautiful memory – Alex Colville’s horse running to meet the train, ears laid back, not knowing what it faced but charging – in your shot, this horse is at peace, browsing, in its own prairie environment, the only threat the active sky. Thanks for sharing it. I wish someone could step into the Alex Colville painting and rescue that galloping horse…

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