Last day at the Calgary Stampede

It’s amazing how fast 10 days goes by. The first day seems like the start of a long haul and then on the last you ask yourself where did the last 9 days go. Due to assignment obligations I really didn’t have until the last few days of Stampede this year to go out and shoot some behind the scene photos. The past few posts have really just been tiny glimpses into life of the Stampede and back stage at the Stampede. Once I would love to just dive in a shoot the entire Stampede with a camera and a few lenses, just go look for light and moments that I can steal. I really enjoyed the final days this year, here is my last post for this years 101st edition of the Calgary Stampede.

TAK20130714-1937 TK20130714-060 TK20130714-135 TK20130714-248 TK20130714-259 TK20130714-314 TK20130714-403 TK20130714-592 TK20130714-681 TK20130714-704 TK20130714-749 TK20130714-807 TK20130714-820


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