Under the Milky Way

We just don’t see stars like this in the city. Simply way to much light pollution. It’s amazing when you take people out of the city who have never seen stars like this and show them, they are awestruck and mesmerized. It is a beautiful site, and on my annual pilgrimage to Writing On Stone, we stayed up late and enjoyed the show. Really makes you think about your place in the world.



2 thoughts on “Under the Milky Way”

  1. HelloTodd, Thank you for sharing this and other photos on your blog. Just for fun, I thought maybe you would like to share a small adventure I had with my family. We rented a place near Kalamalka Lake in the Okanagan – a beautiful aqua green blue lake, surrounded by semi-desert hills. Wherever irrigated or small streams flow,in valleysand on the hillsides, smallorchards andwineries flourish, but the dry hills belong to the grasshoppers and other creatures. One evening, my sister and I took a walk on the hillside above the lake. Every time you walk the trails, little quail scamper out or hide. This dusky evening. one was standing sentinel. I said, oh my, looking at the sky and the silhouette and then this large pair of antlers loomed up and crossed behind… So here is alittle bit of a BC summer evening for you… ( I would have tried for better shots but then the big antlers brother showed up behind, and we decided we should really retreat and leave them the trail…) Patty (in Gibsons)


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