Winter is Here

Winter has arrived in full force here in Alberta, and there has been some super cold temperatures happening. As a photographer, one of the struggles with working in winter is cold fingers. Everyone who does this job knows this, the cold from our cameras transfers directly to your hands and fingers, and once they get cold in -20 degree weather, there is no warming them up. I have often struggled with this while shooting bobsled, luge, cross country skiing, downhill skiing; I hate cold hands. Once the fingers quit, it’s game over.

But this past summer I was approached by the good folks at to test out a pair of their winter gloves. Wow, was I impressed. These are the winter gloves I have long been looking for. The have two layers, a single layer of soft glove that goes into a mitt. On the glove they even have the surface the let’s you use your touchscreen phone or camera. Hand warmers go into the glove and when you are not taking photos your fingers go back inside for instant warmth.

These gloves are not cheap, in part because they are not made in some factory in Asia where the worker is getting paid next to nothing, and they use simply the best materials available for their mitts. The Heat 3 gloves are made for the Special Forces in Germany and Austria and are made over there. Attention to detail is outstanding, and these gloves work. Check them out.

Now if you purchase these gloves from my pals at Cool Photography Gear, you will get a special extra bonus of 10 free 12 hour heat packs. Use my Coupon Code “Takepictures” at the time of check out for your free heat packs.

These gloves are amazing, I just came back from a -20 degree assignment in Lake Louise and my fingers are loving me for it, it’s just what I have been looking for for my winter assignment.

H3Smart with Warmer Promo


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