Calgary’s Deane House

I was lucky last week and got an assignment to photograph the newly minted Deane House in Calgary for the Globe and Mail. Chef Jamie Harling is cooking up a storm there using local Alberta ingredients; and the bread he bakes is simply amazing! Owner Sal Howell, who also owns The River Cafe has done an incredible job of the place and I plan to be there as a guest soon. I am a huge fan of great local food, prepared and presented well. Check out the Globe’s review of the place here. If your in town or traveling through, do yourself a favour and check it out.


36 thoughts on “Calgary’s Deane House”

  1. One of these days we’ll have to have a meal there. Not exactly cheap. A nice diversion from a bike path ride there. Yes, I’m from Calgary. Congrats on the wordpress highlight.

  2. A picture is worth an unlimited amount of words this photo essay is says it all. Every picture shows the vibe of the restaurant, they are all warm in color. This illuminates the food and the products that the restaurant have to offer in a light that is welcoming to the eye. By looking at the line of pictures that is presented in the post I have a feel of what the restaurant will behold.

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