Nikon F4

My friends at The Camera Store are always doing something crazy and fun. This week they take a look back at the Nikon F4 film camera. I started my career out shooting with Nikon, they were great cameras, and still are. Their Nikon F3 was one of my favorite cameras ever, rugged and beautiful and as a young photographer, I was even captivated by the ad for the F3 by the great Eddie Adams.


We were all excited when the F4 came out with it’s promise of Auto Focus and speed. But the camera was largely a disappointment for me and many other photographers. I didn’t like the feel of the camera and the AF was a real let down, especially when you compared it to Canon’s new auto focus system.

However, the F4 like so many other film cameras still have a lot of life left in them. I think the great thing that Chris discovered while using it, is using these old film cameras takes you back to what photography is all about. Thinking about light more, exposure, composition and ultimately photography.

We are so caught up these days in the latest and greatest cameras out there, I think we forget about the essence of photography, and that is making great photos. So if you have an old F4 kicking around or any other great film camera, take it out for a spin and see what kind of images you can make.

Have a look at their fun new video here where I make a cameo.



1 thought on “Nikon F4”

  1. You are a wonderful photographer and one of my closest friends.

    But you change camera systems faster than my teenage daughter changes shoes. I have to take your comments on the F4 with a giant grain of salt.

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