Prairie Graffiti



You see some great graffiti in the cities all over the world. Artists have made their mark in Berlin, London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles. I came across this piece of Canadian Prairie graffiti while on the road through open land where sometimes you don’t see a building for miles. Looks like the graduating class of 2016 tagged this grain bin in a farmers field.

Village Gardener

In late summer I was approached by ATB Agriculture and Village Beer to produce a short video on the making of a new beer they were going to produce this fall, called Village Gardener Beer. I set out to document 4 community gardens in Calgary, Alberta as they worked with their plots and produced some items to be used for the new special run beer. It was the longest video piece I have worked on taking almost 2 months from start to finish, including all the shooting, editing, creating music and colour grading the piece. It was a super fun and successful project, let me know what you think.