Need to really get caught up posting some of the great food places I have got to visit in the past little while here in Calgary. Here are some photos from the new Oxbow Restaurant at the Kensington River Inn. The food is simply lovely and delicious being put together by Chef de Cuisine Sean Cutler. If you have a chance stop by and reward your taste buds. (Click on the photo for larger version)





Bar Von Der Fels

By far my new favorite place in Calgary these days is the little wine bar, Bar Von Der Fels. The place has the feeling of stepping into a little wine bar in Paris, where it’s all about the great food and great wine. This is a small place in Calgary seating maybe 30 people, packed, but so worth it. Great atmosphere, incredibly tasty food and wonderful service, what else do you need. If you’re downtown check it out.

Prairie Graffiti



You see some great graffiti in the cities all over the world. Artists have made their mark in Berlin, London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles. I came across this piece of Canadian Prairie graffiti while on the road through open land where sometimes you don’t see a building for miles. Looks like the graduating class of 2016 tagged this grain bin in a farmers field.

Village Gardener

In late summer I was approached by ATB Agriculture and Village Beer to produce a short video on the making of a new beer they were going to produce this fall, called Village Gardener Beer. I set out to document 4 community gardens in Calgary, Alberta as they worked with their plots and produced some items to be used for the new special run beer. It was the longest video piece I have worked on taking almost 2 months from start to finish, including all the shooting, editing, creating music and colour grading the piece. It was a super fun and successful project, let me know what you think.