Rodeo and Powwow Workshop

rodeo2Come join me July 29 for the Tsuut`ina Nation Rodeo & Pow-Wow photography workshop. We are lucky to have complete access to indigenous cowboys and dancers that will be celebrating their culture at Tsuut`ina Nation near Bragg Creek, Alberta.


Not only are the classic rodeo events including bull riding, bareback, steer wrestling, calf roping, saddle bronc and barrel racing exciting to capture, the grounds are filled with colourful tipis, dancers in extraordinary hand-made dance outfits and will be holding traditional ceremonies and more.



During this workshop Todd will lead the group around grounds offering advice from his wide range of experience, and will challenge participants to push past their own photographic boundaries. Students will be pushed to try and find their own photographic vision and their own unique way of storytelling. Students may work in any form of photography they wish, from photojournalism, fine art or portraiture, the instructor will help you create a body of work from this event. Participants will have full access to the instructor to work out any questions in the field relating to technique or how to approach and photograph subjects.


For tickets and more information go here to The Camera Store’s web site.





Fall on the Prairies

Moonrise over a wheat field ready to be harvested. Fall is my favourite time on the prairies, the light is great, the nights start to cool, baseball on the radio. It’s a magical time to drive in the country side. Will do more exploring this week.

Canon 5D Mark III, 16-35mm F/2.8 lens. Photograph © Todd Korol

Canon goes big 50 Megs!

There have been rumors floating around the web for awhile now, a big megapixel camera coming from Canon. Well today Canon didn’t disappoint as they release two versions of their big megapixel camera, the new Canon 5D sr and the 5D s. Click the link. These will be flagship cameras for creating large format prints, while carrying a small package.


Canon also released a new lens to go into their lens line up, a ultra wide angle 11-24mm F/4L. Click the link to see. Exciting times for Canon users, I can’t wait to get my hands on one.


Canon 7D Mark II



Last fall I had the privilege to test out the new Canon 7D Mark II camera for Canon in conjunction of being a Canon Northern Explorer of Light. It’s always exciting to see what new technology Canon is going to come out with. The original Canon 7D was a huge hit for Canon. It was light, fast, had great files and ended up being hugely popular with wildlife and sports photographers. It was originally released in the fall of 2009 and at the time Canon got me to test the camera out and convey my thoughts to them and other photographers.

Well 5 years later and my association with Canon has gotten even closer. I regularly speak for them and now test pre-production cameras out for them. These are my thoughts about using this new camera. The new 7D Mark II in short is really amazing for the price, and I have loved using it. Canon is now really refining their photographic gear. I now call this the no excuse camera, because pretty much, if you have missed a photo it’s pretty much now the operators fault. It’s getting very hard to blame the camera.


So after a lot of use and thought, I wanted to list out my top 10 favorite things about the camera. (There are a lot of really good reviews online already.)

#10 Custom Controls: I love how you can set the controls up practically anyway you want on the camera, it makes for very intuitive use, very smart. It just let’s you work more efficiently and allows you to catch that definitive moment.


#9 GPS: This was a feature when it first came out out I thought I would never use, well I was wrong about that. I have often had clients ask me where something was shot, or I have had to go back and re-shoot a photo, and it’s great to know where it was exactly taken.

#8 Anti Flicker Control: I love this feature on this camera. Turn on the anti flicker control feature in the menu, and the camera can reduce the disparities in exposure and color temperature, so you get very consistent exposures and color under florescent type lighting.

#7 Interval Timer: You can now do time-lapse photography within the menu on the 7D Mark II, very convenient.

#6 New Shutter Sound: The camera has an incredible soft quiet shutter sound, it’s great for reportage type of work.


#5 Silent Shooting Mode: Yes different than the shutter sound, I love this new mode on the Canon cameras, I use it almost all the time. You can barely hear the motor drive in this mode, great for street shooting, people just don’t pay attention to the camera and let’s you be discreet.

#4 AF During Live View: The Auto focus is ridiculously good in the video mode, especially with the new 18-135mm kit lens. Things just stay in focus.

#3 High Speed Motor Drive: We are now getting 10 fps out of an $1800 camera, not much else to say about that!


#2 High ISO Speed and New Sensor: I have shot a bunch of work at 16,000 ISO and the images are incredible. We could never do that just a few years ago. The new sensor is great, the images are very, very good out of the camera.

#1 New Auto Focus System: In short, if you are following a subject, this camera is going to track it perfectly and your photos are going to be in focus. The new auto focus system in the 7D Mark II is FANTASTIC!!