Workflow Workshop

Come join me Feb 4 in the afternoon here in Calgary for my Photographers Workflow and Asset Management Workshop.

Digital assets are the photographer’s most valuable resource. As your portfolio continues to grow, you need to be able to find, process, caption, and store your images. This requires having a system in place to organize your digital files.

In this workshop, I’ll go through the process of capturing images, downloading, captioning, and directing them to proper folders. I will cover editing, creating a rating system, batch processing, and backing up your images. Lastly, showing you how to export files for various uses from creating prints, books and slide shows to simply showing people, and sharing your images on social media.

We will touch on what editing software is best suited to your needs, and how to fine tune images quickly and efficiently. Will share some of my short cuts and explain how to use cloud storage.

You will leave this workshop with an action plan on how to organize your photo library and maintain it so that you can find any image from your collection on a moments notice.

For tickets, click here on The Camera Store  or call them at 403.234.9935 we have a few spots left.