In the Theatre


Actor Peter Hinton takes a break during rehearsal for the play, What The Thunder Said, at One Yellow Rabbit, in Calgary, Alberta.


Scenes from the Calgary Stampede, 2

Yesterday I posted scenes from the Calgary Stampede, I kind of got into a groove of shooting there, so I am posting another set from yesterday’s action at the grounds and the rodeo. Here is a bit of a behind the look and some street photography at the Calgary Stampede, it goes until Sunday, July 14. I have had a few emails about the cameras and lenses I have been using, so here is the kit, very basic, 2 Canon 5D Mark III bodies with Canon 50, 35 and 24mm lenses. It’s wonderful to walk around with a light kit.

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Game On!

Finally after over 4 months of waiting out a hockey lock out, NHL hockey is back. Last night was the first night I have shot hockey since May, we’ve missed it. Not sure what the dispute was really about, don’t really care, just glad to be back near the ice shooting the boys of winter. Here is a frame from the start of last night’s game between the Calgary Flames and the San Jose Sharks. Game on!

The Calgary Flames' welcomes hockey fans before the start pot their game against the San Jose Sharks' and their first NHL hockey game since the hockey lockout ended in Calgary.