Prairies meet the Mountains

In Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta. Where the prairies meet the Rocky Mountains. Shot on an 8×10 Deardorff, 300mm lens, Ilford HP5 Plus film.PrairieFinalweb


The Web and the West

Spring is finally here and I am off to the first branding of the season today, so here is one of my favorite photos from a branding here in Alberta. I will post some photos from today later on. With that, my revamped web site is up and running here.  Have a peek.

Leica M6, 35mm F/2, Kodachrome 64

Image shot with a Leica M6 TTL, 35mm Summicron F/2 Kodachrome 64.

Large Format

Shot a few images today with the Deardoff 8×10, what a beast, but so much fun. Your subject responds to you in such a different way, very interesting. The plan is to come away with 10 good portraits over the 10 days of Stampede, and maybe one great one. Cross your fingers, wish me luck.

Photo by Mike Copeman